Picnic, 2018
Date : July 22nd 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Venue: Fort Yargo Park Group Shelter #A
Address : 210 S Broad St, Winder, GA 30680
Organizer(s) : Bibhupada Amarjeet, Gyana Panigrahi, Srikanta Sahoo

Menu -
Welcome : 9:30 to 10:30
Mango Thandai ( Thandai is a refreshing summer drink mocked with Mango and it contains ingredients that cool the body and protect it against heat wave.
Coke products will be limited supply - just to be healthy :)
Caprisun for Kids
Murhi Mixture
Lays Products for Kids
Water Melon

Appetizer- 11:00 to 12:30 hrs
Lahori Seasoned Pompano (Pomfret) Grill
Lucknow Chicken Tandoori
Badambadi Aloo Chop (Only for Veg) **
Vegetable Grilled (Only for Veg) **

Main Course: 14:00 to 15:00 hrs
Mutton Curry
Aloo Potal Rasa (Only for Veg) **
Paneer Butter Masala (Only for Veg)**
Amboola Rai
Fresh cut Salad

Desert:- Along with Main Course
Home Made Jalebi layered on the site with a thin passage of Rabdi

Most Interesting Menu - Sweet Pan (Bettel) folded on the site. We will try to see if our parents of GOS will engage themselves in Pan Folding Competition.
** is Strictly for Veg and we have considered the Ginger/Garlic restriction to a greater extent!!!

Single Adult - $25
Family of 2 Adults- $40
Upto 2 Kids - Add $10 (Single Adult with upto 2 Kids pay 35 and Family of 2 Adults and upto 2 Kids pay 50)
Parents - Add $15
Every Guest or additional members will be charged $25

Pictures by Prabir Das

Accounting & Final List of People who signed up for the event :
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Amlan Pattnaik
Thanks to the organizers for arranging a top notch picnic. The menu was awesome and finger licking good. Hard to beat. Like Manoj stated, the bar has been set real high. It was heartening to see so many new faces and youngsters. I am sure the parents who came from India and participated enjoyed it, as much as we did.

Three cheers to the organizers and the volunteers who have worked so tirelessly to make it worth every minute.

Thanks again.


Jagadatma Kar
Every effort was well spent on the event and it was an awesome day throughout. Thanks so much to GOS team and organizers for conducting such wonderful picnic.


Sambeet Dash
It was the salubrious weather at its best and cooperative. Location was perfect. Kudos to all, especially the youngsters for their active participation and hardwork. It didn't feel like barbecued while doing the barbecue of seasoned fish, chicken, veggies sticked to Paneer etc. While I was struggling with grilling the Panaeer stepped in our youngsters Anil Choudhury, Chaitanya, Ritwik and Sithal with impromptu help and support. Thank you guys.

Overall an amazing summer day of fun. Thank you all for pitching in to make this event successful. Catch you on the next GOS occasion.


Prabir Das
Hats off to the organizers! Every bit of detail was well thought out and executed to perfection. Food, which is the mainstay of Oriya get-togethers was perfect! Wonderful to see so many new faces and everyone so involved. Again a big thank you to the wonderful organizers! Here are some pictures:


Prabir Das

Susmita Tripathy
Pictures say a thousand words... and in this age-Videos say a million words😀 We missed out the fun, but it was clearly a rock solid event. I am sure a lot of hard work has gone into it and it is a true team event. My special thanks to Amardeep for his constant email updates and detailed notes for the events. Kudos for that!!!! Looking forward to many such wonderful events with all our youngsters leading and participating and making it such fun. Proud to call this out GOS family.


Tapan Lenka
Sorry to miss the picnic this year because of my personal commitment, but I can feel the the fun, the food you guys might have enjoyed. As Prabir mentioned, the food is the mainstay of the odiya get together and so the on-site preparation of khasi Mansa, grilled fish etc. is extra ordinary. Kudos to the young GOS cricket team to plan, strategized and execute as they do every match they play. As per Manoj, the bar has been raised, so excited to see what new would be in our next one. Thank you all.