Picnic, 2017
Date: Sunday, 6th August, 2017
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM
Address : 1360 Buford Dam Rd., Buford, GA 30518
Organizer(s) : Kalinga Cricket Club (KCC)

          Jhaal Mudhi (on the spot prep)
          Grilled Chicken (on the spot prep)
          Grilled Paneer (only for veggie people) (on the spot prep)
          Grilled Vegetables (only for veggie people) (on the spot prep)
          Rice (on the spot prep)
          Harada Dali (on the spot prep)
          Mansa Jhola Oriya style (on the spot prep)
          Paneer Butter Masala
          Paneer Kofta (only for veggie)
          Alu Gobi (only for Veggie)
          Ambula Rai Raita (on the spot prep) - Big Hit specially among Ladies
          Gulab Jamun

Some instructions:
          1. Get Sun screen lotion
          2. Get Beach clothes and towels in case if you or your kid(s) want to get to water
          3. Beach sports stuff
          4. Exact Change for picnic fee
          5. No pets

Fee : $50 for family, $20 per single, $20 for additional friend or extended family member $5 Park Entrance Fee payable at the entrance (GOS Cancellation applies : http://georgiaoriyas.com/FAQ.php#GOSCancelPolicy)

Fun : Live DJ, On the spot Mansa kasa,grill and other stuff, Beach, Water and more...

Pictures By Micky Mishra | Susmita Tripathy

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Comments :
Susmita Tripathy

Thanks a lot to the organizers and the volunteers for a wonderful day. The spot was perfect, food was delicious and the company priceless.


Rani Acharya
I couldn't agree more. This is one of the best picnic with on the spot cooking. Cooking such delicious food for such a big crowd in hot and humid weather is no joke.

Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

Meticulously planned and executed to perfection. We ladies felt pampered for sure.


Lopamudra Behera
Well said Rani,totally agree.
Thank you awesome organizers !!!
And company of dear friends priceless..

Thank you

Beaches and scenic Venue :

The Shelter:

The Grill:

Mucsic(Get Ready for DJ):