Holi & Utkal Divas, 2017
Date: March 25, 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 10 AM to 2 PM
Venue: Settles Bridge Park Pavilion
Address : 380 Johnson Rd, Sugar Hill, GA 30024
Organizer(s) : Bikhipta Panda, Neeta Nayak, Liza Mohapatra, Maya Mishra
ATTIRE: White is recommended (Indian or western, doesn't matter) or any clothes that you are not afraid of getting soiled. We will be celebrating Holi the traditional way as it is meant to be.
Please feel free to bring your own colors. The HC will have few packets for everyone to use. But if you want more, bring your own:) You might even consider getting some old towels/bedsheets to cover the seats of your car on your way back home. The HC will also have wet towelettes for everyone's convenience.

Welcome Snacks~
Adults: Masala Mudhi & Masala Tea
Kids: Assorted snacks

Main Menu~
Adults & Teens: Pav Bhaji, Dahibara Aloodum, Paneer Chilli, Chicken 65, Reshmi Kabab
Dessert: Gajar Halwa

Children under 10: Pizza
Dessert: Cupcakes

Per family contribution: $35

10-10:30 am- Meet and Greet
10:30am- Games for kids (Sack Race, Ring Toss and Egg hunt)
11-11:30am- Entertainment organized by HC
11:30-12 - DJ with open floor dancing
12 noon- Lunch will be served
1pm-2pm- Colors play and wrap up

Video By Mahabir Panigrahi | Pictures By Mahabir Panigrahi

Accounting & Final List of People who signed up for the event :
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Bhabani Das
Yet another wonderful event. Thank you Oraganizers for organizing it. Everything was so perfect and well organized, starting with the pavillion, sumptus food, color, music, dj and last but not least flash mob and dance floor. Weather Devta was also so kind today. Personally I hadn't played such holi in last decade. I bet, if you can recognize the faces from the photos. Also for the first time ( Pardon me, if i am wrong), we had live sposorer at the event today.

Those of you, who couldn't made it, we missed you all. Looking forward to see you all at the Next GOS event.

Prabir Das
What fun! This was the perfect Holi celebration. Thank you organizers for a wonderfully organized event. This will be one for the memory lane for us as well as the kids.

Thanks again,

Manoj Das
Our 3 year son Arjun for some reason kept repeating that we were going to HoliFest. I just couldn't figure out where he had gotten that term from.

Anyways, fast forward to Settles Bridge Park in Sugar Hill. The weather gods were grinning. The setting was almost perfect with the lawn sandwiched between the pavilion and the elaborate Kids play area.

As we started unloading and setting up the audio system a surprising sight greeted us in the form of a young Disc Jockey manning his station with his mixer with his headphones on and eager to unleash his talent upon us.

GOSians meanwhile started trickling at a steady clip. The kids egg hunt and the sack race set the tone for the fun that was to follow. Giggles and grins on all the little faces lit up the whole atmosphere. 'Jhalmudhi' washed down by 'Chaa' got the adults into the mood as well.

And then the color play began. What started out with tentative dabbing of each others faces with the many hues of 'Abira' suddenly exploded into a riot of color, music and dance. It was especially gratifying to see the young ones slather each other with color with gay abandon and enjoy the festivities to the hilt. The young DJ was absolutely on point reeling out one chartbuster after other with an ease that would have given professionals a run for their money. Like a bolt from the blue, a few GOSians broke out into an impromptu (not really; a lot of perspiration and inflammation was experienced in the process ??) flash mob dance which provided the impetus for the rest to join in and bust out their best moves. The merriment did not abate with packet after packet of color being magically conjured up by a few enterprising GOSians until lunch was announced.

The delicious spread some of it catered and some 'soul food' courtesy our GOS volunteers was both nourishing to the appetites in overdrive and soul satisfying as well.

It was an amazing four hours of fun, friends and 'Fagu Khela' and time just flew by in a heartbeat.

We would like to doff our hat to the organizers. What a magnificent job starting with the venue, the food, the surprise DJ led musical extravaganza, and the overall execution! The event was phenomenal and we had a blast. We truly appreciate your efforts.

We are also tremendously grateful to the volunteers for all their selfless contributions. A special thanks to DJ Ayush. You were amazing! Our thanks as well to all the kids who helped clean-up and pack-up.

It truly was nothing short of a concert and a festival of colors melded together. No wonder Arjun kept calling it HoliFest! And he had the time of his life. ??

Narendra Sahoo
Hats off to GOS organizers, fabulous event in every sense & we had a blast plus kids throughly enjoyed. Thanks for reminding our old days of "fagu khela" / no restrictions. Special thanks to our DJ /Ayush

Mahabir Panigrahi
Just wanted to ECO with others -

This is my 4th Holi Celebration in GOS and

"2017 is the best Holi Celebration".
Playing with Colors from Start to End with DJ.. Just wow. I loved it. Wanted to do since long.
Superb Food
No confined space USA rules (i know there were some ;-))

A big thank you to HT Committee (Bikhipta Bhauja) for coming with this idea. Thank you.
Huge thanks to our young talented "Mr DJ" Ayush.

Being part of dancing group, thanking Pratichi & Maya for organizing this. We did well at least, Is n't? Never thought we too have talent ;).
Thank you.

Here are the some photos & videos (Flashmob) link -



Neeta Nayak
Nitu and Monaj said it all. Every organizing committee works hard to make each event unique but it's you "all the members" who make it successful. So thank YOU afor making this Holi one of a kind this year!! I made up one week worth of Zumba in 2 hours :-) ....I don't know how many times I have watch the flash mob since yesterday, still enjoying it....

DJ Ayush was awesome in keeping the entertainment going. All the kids stepped up to help but I would like to highlight two of them who came to me many times and asked how they can help. Thank you Ansh and Maya.

This was also a first time where we had a sponsor. "World Financial Group". This may have opened the door for GOS for soliciting sponsors to raise funds and also share Odia culture among other communities.

Thank you....thank you...thank you.

Notes from Organizers
And that's a wrap!!

Let me begin by saying thanks to all who came and made this event a success! Words can even measure our gratitude.

Everything went so well!

The weather was awesome. Even the heavens were smiling down at us:)
We were so lucky to find such an awesome venue! Thank you Neeta Nayak!
Kids were so well entertained with the play yard in the premises and games organized by Maya Mishra. Thank you!
Monalisa Mohapatra, thank you for being there in spirit despite your challenges. Thank you!
Thank you to all our food volunteers who brought back our memories of having that early morning round of Masala Mudhi/Chaha and Dahi Bara Aloodum before heading off to "Abhira Khela" in the narrow streets of the neighborhood! It felt awesome to be a kid/teen/young adult waking up early and rushing off and banging on the doors of friends and family and indulge in all the madness and fun!
Thank you Manoj Das for lugging and setting up the music system!
The food was delicious and tickled everyone's palate. Unconventional yet scrumptious:)
The awesome Flash Mob. The highlight of our day! It may every dancer and non dancer move in their place. Correct me if I am wrong, I did not see a single person stand quietly:))
DJ Ayush thanks everyone for all the love and appreciation! He going to make this a regular feature and is looking forward to many gigs in the future:)
Many many thanks to our sponsor MGF (Multi Global Financial) for sponsoring a big part of our venue cost. We should look into this prospect in our future events.
Last but not the least, kudos to our volunteers especially our young volunteers who helped with the cleanup. You kids are amazing and am proud to see the future of GOS so bright and blessed!
Hope I have covered everything....if there was any flaw from our side, please forgive us.

A BIG round of thanks to Subodh Patra who tirelessly performs his duties, event after event, year after year! Our very own unsung hero:)

Thank you from the bottom of our heart......

HC 2017

Neeta, Nitu, Maya & Liza