Ganesh Puja, 2017
Puja, Bandhu Mela, Anek Khela,Gapa sapa, Dukha Sukha.........Khanti Odia Vegetarian Home cooked delicacies by our culinary Kalakaars!
Date: September 26, 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM
Contribution: $35 per family
Venue: Midway Park Community Hall
Address : 5100 Post Rd, Cumming, GA 30040
Organizer(s) : Debabrata Behera, Satwik Panda, Rashmi Ghosh

Chuda Ghasa, Fruits
Ghee Rice
Matar Paneer
Ambula Rai
Saga Muga
Potala Alu Rasa
Chena Poda

Deadline for Registration : Tuesday 08/22/2017

GOS Cancellation Policy Applies. Last Date to Cancel : Tuesday 08/22/2017

Pictures By Micky Mishra

Accounting & Final List of People who signed up for the event :
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Susmita Tripathy
Thank you to the organizing committee for a lovely Puja. We came late but the pictures by Micky shows how well the Puja was done. Three cheers to the wonderful decoration. It definitely has set a new standard.

As usual a well organised Puja. Kudos to the volunteers. Some stupendous performance by kids and adults alike. Food was Excellent, Sadha, Satwik yet gracious and gratifying - Perfect for the occasion.

A simple suggestion and my 2 cents for all future occasions with the risk of being conveniently ignored. It doesn't hurt me to wait another 5-10 minutes for the last cultural performance to finish before doing my PETA (stomach) Puja. Because once the lid flips off the aluminum foil, the food floodgate becomes difficult to stop like Hirakud Dam during monsoon.

The same happened at the last Diwali Party. It put cold water on an otherwise impressive One Act Play enacted on stage by our impeccable GOS artists, the last item on cultural agenda.

If allowed, I am ready to volunteer in future as a sentry and can be a sticker in preventing this from happening. If required won't mind holding a DANDA (Stick) and wear a pair of Khaki sorts a la our Police Constables back home to renforce it.

Thanks and have wonderful rest of the weekend.