Diwali, 2017

Deepawali, the festival of lights which symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair is just round the corner. We are pleased to inform you that we will be celebrating Deepawali this year with our customary pomp and show. We fervently hope that you shall grace us with your presence and partake in the merriment. Please find the event details below and kindly use the following links to sign-up at the earliest.

Calling all Odia Bandhugana in Georgia to join in and make beautiful memories together.

Head on Over and Join the fun for Diwali.

Date: Saturday, 21st October 2017
Time: 6 PM - 11PM
Venue: Shiloh Point Elementary School (Cafeteria)
Address : 8145 Majors Rd, Cumming, GA 30041
Fee Structure: $60/family ($15 per extra adult) and $20 for singles.
Organizers: Manoj Das, Kew Ray, Sudhansu Padhi
Cultural Co-ordinators : Maya Mishra, Neeta Nayak, Pratichi

MENU: From Tadka

Deadline for Registration : Saturday 10/14/2017

GOS Cancellation Policy Applies. Last Date to Cancel : Saturday 10/14/2017

Pictures By : Gyana Panigrahi | Anurag Mishra | Micky Mishra

Accounting & Final List of People who signed up for the event :
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Notes from Cultural Committee

May be cultural team is too late for the note of thanks . But if We would not thank those people in this forum , it would not be fair to them .

First and foremost Thank you all our young GOSian performers who put their loads of efforts and showed their talent on this Diwali 2017 . Hats off to your energy and enthusiasm!

Unity and diversity team : ( Sanvi ,Anubhav , Armaan, Sohana, Neetu , Nikki , Annie , Rayansh , Soam , Nikki , Sriya , Sammy , Arjun , Katalina , Shree, VIvan ) who had their trust on us and showed their love and respect , did an awesome job at the stage , despite the unexpected mishaps , kids didn't stop ! Love their spirit and enthu ! Specially Anubhav , Nikki , hats off to you ! 😘

We have been so strict to them during practice session but they always ready to accept the challenge . Wish you all the best kiddos in your future endeavors ! Lots of love for you ! May almighty bless his love and happiness for you all . We must not forget their parents who showed their trust to our capabilities and and help us to put a great show . Many many thanks to you all.

My close friends , they are not from our odia community but they helped me and put their time and efforts for decoration , photo booth , Frame. Props etc. Sincerely appreciated their help .

Neeta Nani : Who could not come for their personal commitment but still she was there to help us each and every possible way till the event date . Thank you so much Nani .

Our Emcees of the evening : Megha . Isha, Soham and Anoushka , you all did a fabulous Job . Thanks so much you all and the parents accepting our proposal . Rani di , Thank you so much for being there and helping and managing the situation very well.

Thanks so much Anushree for helping us with the Emcee script , kids corner and all your support in late night .

Thank you my friend Suhasini for being there always and give your honest feedback , which makes us to take better decision .

Last but not the least , Thanks to our GOS working Committee and our Odia Society for trusting us and giving us the opportunity . We too learnt and enjoyed being part of this event.

I am sure I could have missed some important names but never mind, you or your talents were never unnoticed !!

Wish you all a happy new year !! May this new year brings peace and prosperous in all of our life !

With love
Cultural committee
Diwali - 2017

Comments from GOS Members
Suprakash Rath
A truly commendable collective effort by all the event organizers, volunteers and performers to make it a memorable extravaganza. !!

Look forward to more such events.

shobhana ray
Absolutely true!

Kudos to all the organizers and volunteers for putting together such an incredible event!

It was truly a vibrant and colorful evening with a myriad of stellar performances, delicious finger licking food and of course our kids that did a splendid job of MCing! I think that was a great idea that should be given permanence in all future GOS events so all our growing teens get an opportunity to step up on their own or be nudged:-) to get more involved in the events.

Lipi & Kew

Sambeet Dash
Absolutely Suptakash. Kudos to the organizers and the young anchors. Your rendition of Kishore Kumar - Mehmood duo's "Eka Chatoor Naar" was creatively outstanding, a fitting finale to the show. I would say it was the icing on the cake. Not easy to sing and act at the same time.

Sad, the avoidable interludes by few hungry stomachs in letting the floodgate of food open acted as an irritant fly in the oitment to your efforts. Personally, I don't mind waiting for a few minutes to eat before completion of the cultural show. I am positive, I won't die from starvation waiting for 10 minutes.


Manoj Das
Sambeet -

Many thanks indeed as always for your constructive criticism. I’m absolutely all for putting the actions of the organizers under the microscope post any event.

But the indictment coming from you is grossly misplaced, patently unfortunate and eminently avoidable in this particular instance.

Everyone was witness to the fracas that unfolded owing to your dogged refusal to send an MP3 file of your song in advance of the event (despite numerous entreaties from the organizers) which resulted in you fussing and fumbling on stage with your phone and bringing the momentum of the proceedings to a grinding halt.

Believe you me, Suprakash’s stellar rendition would have been accorded the appropriate decorum if it weren’t for that ‘totally avoidable’ incident that wasted 15 ‘precious minutes’!

I apologize to Suprakash and Tapasi on your behalf.

Oh! Before I forget, wondering if the A/V cable that the very same organizers magically conjured up to the rescue of your sons keyboard performance served him well? Checking because nobody heard a ‘thank you’ for that. We could use a pat on the back you know. 😊

Additionally, we had signed a contract with the school which expressly calls for wrapping up the event by a certain time and the organizers took the decision to open up the buffet as it had become quite evident that we would miss that deadline if we didn’t.

Therefore, we are less beholden to individual sensibilities or the episodic outrage thereof and more to ensuring that GOS doesn’t incur a fine or we aren’t shut out of the venue in the future. The cause of the greater good always prevails.

My apologies that I’m forced to rebuff your criticism in such a public fashion but then restraint was never a one way street. I hope my rebuttal doesn’t precipitate a chain of reprisals and if it does let me assure you it will not elicit a response from my side. I’ve said what I had to say.

While I’m at it, let me thank a few people as we all know this is as thankless a job as can be!!

My unreserved appreciation goes out to following people without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible.

Maya and Pratichi - You guys are rockstars. Just so everyone truly gains an appreciation for your yeoman efforts let me put it in context. These guys sacrificed every single weekend and many weeknights to shepherd the many rehearsals for the cultural acts for an entire month. They opened up their homes and hearts to the GOS family at a great expense to their personal time. We truly cannot thank you enough for your selflessness.

Juhi Patra, Rashmi Ghosh and Monalisa Misra for their amazing creativity and imagination in decking up the stage as a bride. A big thanks to all the ladies who came in early to setup the tables and assisted with the decorations.

Bibhupada and Manoj Singha for ‘volunteering’ to ferry the food ensuring that the food was at the venue absolutely on time.

Debabrata, Sovan and Purjeet for flawlessly managing the orchestration of the audio for the event.

The GOS youth for putting in the hard yards and putting up performances that dazzled is and left us enthralled.

A special mention is in order for the amazing Emcees who quite simply hit it out of the park. We are just so proud of you and that is unequivocal and unanimous. Thank you Anushree for the crisp and classy script. We see you even though you prefer to be away from the spotlights.

Thank you Rani as always for your mentorship and for holding the stage together with you usual grace and panache.

Kew for stepping up for the second year in a row to make available for us this wonderful venue and for your invaluable imprints over this event.

Micky and Anurag - We truly applaud you for sedulously capturing all the golden moments for posterity.

SB - Your leadership of the working committee is truly commendable and yet another instance of the selflessness you continue to exhibit toward the cause of the Georgia Odiya community. You truly demonstrate the essence of what true volunteerism is. Thanks for your single-handled maintenance and upkeep of the GOS website.

Subodh Patra and Amlan Pattnaik - Thank you so very much for manning the registration desk yet again! You keep discharging your duties without any fuss or fanfare. The entire community fobs its hat to you.

Finally, all the folks who helped with ‘anything’ and ‘everything in between’ (e.g. shopping, the seating arrangements, lugging water, supplies and food, serving the food and the cleanup post dinner). You all are my dearest brothers and you know who you are.

Thanks to all the Georgia Odiyas for coming out and making it such a pleasant evening to be part of. A warm welcome to all the new families to the GOS fold who partook in yesterdays event.

All the very best to the new working committee and the organizing team for Saraswati Puja.


P.S. I apologize in advance if I’ve not acknowledged some of you. You know I do appreciate your fellowship and I hope you forgive me for this oversight.

I understand that truth hurts and absolute truth hurts absolutely.

Thanks to all the help provided to me and my son on stage. I have thanked the on stage crew for that and if I inavertendly forgot to do so, I extend my thanks to them. (I not only thankes Debabrata once but twice, once on the stage and once again when we met off stage in the Restroom).

And I and my son were not the only ones who were helped by the organizers on stage. It was extended to all performers on stage. If I remember correctly, I was not the only one who had audio issues on the stage and the delay caused by it. Not everyone played from MP3 and I was not the only one who played directly from the phone.

You are right, you (and organizers) sent several reminders for mp3. Here is my reminder - I responded clearly saying my preference to play straight from my karaoke account on stage. My preference was clear as a clear Fall sky.

If it was MANDATORY for singing from the mp3 players, I could have gone plain vanilla, singing without music. Again one more reminder - I am not the ONLY one on the stage who had issues with singing straight from their devices. If others didn't speak up, its there choice not mine.

Having said that, I have no intention of carrying on an e-duel. I rest my case.


Srikanta Sahoo
I applaud all heroes starting from organizers, performers and volunteers for their cumulatively support for another successful event.

"A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart." — Zeus, Hercules

Prabir Das
Many thanks to the organizers for doing an outstanding job. Thanks to everyone that worked extremely hard to pull of an extremely successful event. It was evident how much planning and coordination went into it and the organizing committee did an amazing job.

Shashibhushan Rath
Hi all,

Thanks organizers for having yet another GALA event. It was a wonderful evening for me and my family. Thanks to all the volunteers, performers and the people behind the performers. Big thanks to all the families (special thanks to those from Columbus who drove more than 100 miles to spend the evening with us) for coming and makiing the event a huge success. Welcome new members of GOS.

Being part of Organizing Committee in many occassions and also co-ordinating and working closely with other organizing committees, I would like to provide some feedbacks.

1. Organizing Committee spends enormous amount of their personal time for the events, even before and after the event, to make sure the event progress is smooth (including food, audio, decoration and lot more) and event accounting is under budget(by negotiating hard with food vendors, getting deals on things to buy, doing some stuff by themselves which they could have easily outsourced by paying some money). Still there is room for improvement and I agree with that. Everyone has to chip in for that...like coming to the event at the specified time(not IST), proactively working closely with cultural co-ordinator to see what is best for the smooth progress etc-2. If still not satisfied on something, please pick-up the phone and speak to Organizing Committee or Email Organizing Committee ONLY. If that does not work, challege others, take up the next GOS event and make it even BIGGER and BETTER. Please post THANK YOU notes and CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACKS for the Organizing Committee and volunteers, that will keep the momemntum going.

2. To sign up for an event, it is better to use the Google form and say "Yes or No" with or without reason. Responding to the email from Organizing Committee saying NO and providing reason(s), creates negative VIBE, that's my $0.02.

3. Please keep on browsing georgiaoriyas.com. This has all the details including photos, accounting etc, of previous events and many more .....Of late, many new families have contacted via this website to be member of GOS.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Shashibhushan Rath

Kew Ray
Thanks to the current WC members for the all Hard work to make each and every event a success.

Welcome New WC Members for stepping up to this Challenging Tasks ;-) I am sure we are in good Hands.

I noticed in past and present it has become a continuous challenge to get volunteers (esp the Negative Vibes during and after the event makes it even worse). We really need the Synergy to make our events better esp when our organization is growing.

Last but not the Least a BIG Thank you note to all the volunteers for the Diwali Event without whom it would not have been such a success.



Prabir Das
A big Thank you to the current working committee for a successful term and being responsible for so many amazing events. Welcome new working committee! Hope you guys will take this further and we are looking forward to an even more fun year!

The one thing I wanted to point out that was very evident this time is the amount of work being done by the event organizers and WC members before and after an event. It is a lot of time and effort, especially post event - wrap-up etc, because everyone is tired. Unfortunately, the rest of the folks are usually in a hurry to leave when the event ends, so it falls on a handful to do the wrap-up which is a thankless job. My suggestion is to break up the tasks, for example set-up, stage, audio, photography, food, wrap-up etc. much like the organizers did this time but spread it out a bit. It will require calling people and getting commitments and putting down their name in a list and publishing it (sign-up genius works really well). Having enough back-ups is a good idea, so if one or two don't show up, we still have enough. That way, if 75% of the folks to their part, it will be relatively less work for the organizers. I am pretty sure I am stating the obvious here and all of this has been tried by the WC and organizers in the past. In all of the Vibha events that I have been a part of, they do this very effectively. If we get 10 commitments for stage when we really require 5, then at least we have 5 back-ups. Of course, clean-up is where we need the most commitments because frankly, it's very difficult to get folks to help once the event has ended.

Sorry for the long-winded mail but I feel like we could make it a lot easier on the organizers if we can have more people committed to different tasks.

Thanks, PD

Prabir Mishra
Thank you so much to the organizing committee and all the volunteers for putting up such a great show. I was so happy to see the enthusiasm and participation of the next generation - that must be the most rewarding outcome of all the hard work.

I am in total agreement with Prabir Das on creating the volunteer list and planning for twice the # of volunteers needed for each activity. I am the last one to comment on volunteering as I am yet to participate in organizing any of the GOS events so far - but I will be quite happy to sign up for volunteering in future and honoring the commitments.

Congratulations to the new Organizing Committee!!!

Best regards,

Prabir Mishra.

Bibhupada Amarjeet
Bandhu Gana- Tike suddha Odia flavor Aniba

Samaste ate bada bada email lekhila je padhi padhi halia.
Tike Photo/Video sabu Patha a. ( Bhaiya ji Smile 😊)
Dekhiba kie kemiti rangeen thile.. Tike flashback kariba.... hahaha.

Waiting for the photo links. Thanks to all of u in advance whoever have captured the glorious moments And working through with the links and URL.

Gyana Panigrahi
Enjoy!! Sorry, could not cover all the families as I wished..

Please let me know if you don't like your photo and would like it to be removed from the album.
https://photos.app.goo.gl/kF5YHR5KFlkEtfpE2 Thanks, Gyana

Lopamudra Behera
Maya ,we can't thank you enough for your commitment . For your and Pratichi's passion and effort, kids had such a beautiful experience . Anubhav and Sohana didn't feel once that you were strict with them,lt might be true for all kids . They enjoyed every bit of it.. practicing and performing .We are very thankful for giving the kids such an opportunity .They got so attached to you guys and were sad when it all got over :) . Again please accept our heartfelt thanks.
Thank you

Prabir Das
The cultural team did an outstanding job right from the emcees Megha, Isha, Soham and Anoushka to the performers and the support team. It is wonderful to see the kids take more responsibility and help the adults with stage management and announcements and they really did a fantastic job. Hats off! The performances were all outstanding! The kids are getting better and better every event. All of the other vocal and dance performances were great. Also, a lot of credit to the cultural team for having put together a couple of very enjoyable performances - you guys rock! It's not easy to do all the work and then perform on stage. Technical issues on the stage happen (remember the Oscars) and are good lessons to learn from. All in all this was a very professionally organized event. Great job!

Rani Acharya
Yes, a huge round of applause to the cultural team. It’s not easy to work with little kids and produce group performances. It takes a lot of patience, time and hard work. In future, let’s involve the kids even more. For fee collection, decoration, cleaning, serving food, managing stage, crowd management etc. They will feel engaged and be proud of their contribution. All middle schoolers and High schoolers can earn their school beta hours with such volunteering activities.

Thanks again