Annual Field & Track Event 2016
Date: June 11, 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3 PM to 8PM
Contribution: $30 per family
Venue: Waller Park Extension
Address : 160 Dobbs Dr, Roswell, GA 30075
Organizer(s) : Gyana Panigrahi, Jeevan Kanungo, Bidhan Das
GOS Annual Tennis Tournament Co-ordinator : Nalini Sasmal
Pictures by Micky Mishra      |     Pictures by Gyana Panigrahi      |     Pictures by Prabir Das

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Certificates for Winners/Runners Up/Third Place and participants(all kids) for Track & Field Meet and Annual Tennis Tournament will be distributed during GOS's next event. Alternatively, please co-ordinate with Gyana Panigrahi to collect it.

We are sorry that certificates could not be distributed during the event due to time limitations.
Winners & partcipants
        Activity Name                 Age Group                 Winners        
Tennis Adults 1st : Manoj Das
2nd : Deepak Patnaik
3rd : N/A
Tennis 0-6 yrs 1st : Shuvam Rath
2nd : Shreya(Missy) Rout
3rd : Katalina Rout
Tennis 7-12 yrs 1st : Shreya Sasmal
2nd : Prateek Mishra
Sack Race 5-7 yrs 1st : Anwesha Panigrahi
2nd : Shiven Patro
3rd : Krisha Sahoo
Sack Race 8-10 yrs 1st : Anubhav Behera
2nd : Eva Rout
3rd : Ayushi Patnaik
Grab the candy Kids 1st : Rohit Prusty
2nd : Aishwarya Das
3rd : Ayaan Das, Kisha Sahoo, Harsit DasMohapatra
Leomn Race Kids 1st : Ayushi Patnaik
2nd : Aishwarya Das
3rd : Harsit DasMohapatra, Adarsh Sahoo
Shot Put Men 1st : Manoj Das
2nd : Ashok Panigrahi
3rd : Srikanta Sahoo
Shot Put Women 1st : Tapasi Mohanty
2nd : Monalisa Mohapatra
3rd : Rani Sudeep
100m Race Men 1st : Tapas Patra
2nd : Gyana Panigrahi
3rd : Jeevan Kanungo, Aryan Rath
100m Race Women 1st : Tapasi Mohanty
2nd : Pinki (Banabrata Dhala)
3rd : Swarupa Patro, Banashree Routray, Rani Sudeep
100m Race Kids (10+) 1st : Nilay Dixit
2nd : Abinash Satapathy
3rd : Anubhav Lenka, Arkesh Ray
50m Race 5-10 yrs 1st : Asmita Das
2nd : Armaan Rath
3rd : Anubhav Behera
50m Race Kids (10+) 1st : Nilay Dixit
2nd : Anubhav Lenka
3rd : Abinash Satapathy
***If there is any discrepancy, please contact Gyana Panigrahi

Final List of People who signed up for the event

Notes from Organizers
we want to thank you for attending the first ever GOS Track and field event and make it a success. We all had a good time and it brought back our school day memories. I hope kids also had their share of fun. At a point we feared we might have to postpone the event because of the soaring heat but you were undaunted. thank you so much for coming.

Special thanks for all the volunteers and working committee members for helping us in organizing the vent smoothly. The certificate of achievement and certificate of participation are still with us and will be distributed at the upcoming GOS event. If you choose to collect it before then, please contact me and we will arrange the logistics for pickup.

We definitely strive to do it much better in coming years.

Kew Ray
A very well organized event and a great turnout despite the scorching temperature.

The kids were just too enthusiastic to participate and so were the adults. Nice prizes too.

Kudos to the organizers for initiating such an event and making it a grand success.

Suprakash Rath
Thanks to the organizers of the first ever GOS Track and Field Events as well as the Tennis Championship event. Brought back the memories of school days !!

Cheers to all the young GOSIANS who braved the summer heat to come out and participate with all exuberance !! The Ladies Kabbaddi match was super duper hit with both sides not leaving an inch to their opponents - it could have gone on for ever.

Congratulations to all the winners !!

Lopamudra Behera
Congratulations to all the volunteers and participants for putting together such a great event. It definitely brought back memories of school days .loved it .

Just a thought, if we can have the event before may next year ,it will be much enjoyable for all .some people actually got sick from heat exhaustion . Again thanks for the ideas for Track and field event ,then implementing it so well .

Looking forward to next year .

Prabir Das
Thanks to the organizers for the wonderful event. Here are some pics I took :!16287&authkey=!ABMaf7iDyfEj3xk&ithint=folder%2cJPG

Shashibhushan Rath
Kudos to Organizers (Gyana, Jeevan and Bidhan). Thanks for spending your time and energy to organize such wonderful event which is enjoyed by all and brought back memories of school days to all of us. Also thanks to all the volunteers to help make this event a huge success. Congrats all the winners of various activities. Looking forward to 2017 Track & Field Event, of course during Fall or winter!!!!

Sudhansu Padhi
This was one of the best GOS event we ever attended since last few years . Very innovative and well organized event . This particular event refreshed our school days memories.

I am sure organizing committee could have put massive effort and sacrificed personal time to make this event a huge success.

Thanks to all volunteers for your help and support . Way to go GOS ……….

Also don’t forget to visit our GOS website ( ) for upcoming events .

Manoj Das
I absolutely concur with the sentiments around the stupendous effort that was put in by Bidhan, Gyana and Jeevan to make this event a success. Thank you gents for all the hard work.....It paid off!

The annual picnic is the next one on the calendar and this time it is in Columbus, GA. The venue is as picturesque as it gets, been there 3 years ago and it was an absolute blast and hope it is going to be better this time. We need to ensure a bumper participation for the picnic this time. Let's do it and bring the community together.