Diwali and Kumar Purnima, 2016
Date: November 5, 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 5 PM to 11 PM
Venue: Shiloh Point Auditorium
Address : 8145 Majors Road, Cumming, GA 30041
Organizer(s) : Jyotiraj Mohanty, Sachi Pati, Kew Ray, Nitai Mishra
Huge Auditorium(Space for 600 people), Stage, In-built Audio system...in short... GREAT PLATFORM TO SHOWCASE YOUR CULTURAL TALENTS!!!
Celeberate Diwali and Kumara Purnami - Odia Style
Stay tuned for cultural enrollment and participation info from Cultural Coordinators - Shobhana Ray and Rani Acharya
Professionally Designed Banner....Get Ready for Photoshoot....Dress to Impressssss

Event Schedule:
          5:30 PM- 6:30 PM - Meet and Greet, Snacks and Family Photo Session.
          6:30 PM - 9:00 PM - Cultural Extravaganza ( Stay Tuned for Full Cultural Agenda )
          9:00 PM-10:00 PM - Dinner
          10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - Open Dance Floor

Pictures By Micky Mishra      Pictures By Mahabir Panigrahi
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Notes from Organizers
Hello GOSians,

What an evening and all so well captured by some of our friends!

Thank you all for coming and being a part of this event. Its a pleasure to see our GOS family growing in numbers every year. It was also a pleasure to see such a wide variety of talent on the stage. The highlight of the evening was the dance medley by our tiny tots, the youngest generation on the stage yesterday. The dances,the melody of the musical instruments, the new amalgamation concept, the different variety of duets, the solo songs, the skit, all added different flavors to the cultural program.

Most importantly we extend our heartfelt thanks to all our front end and back end volunteers without whom we could not have pulled this off. Thank you for all the support, this just reinforces that we are a strong community and getting stronger by the day.

Best Wishes & regards,
Lipi Ray
on behalf of Diwali & Kumarpurnima Organizing Committee.

General Comments/Feedback :
Susmita Tripathy
Hello Friends,

It was a wonderful evening last night with the mind blowing cultural extravanga -both by talented kids and adults. Great job all the performers.

Thanks a lot to the organizers for making this happen, and all the volunteers for your efforts.

If any one found a plaid kid jacket( black/white/pink) please let us know.


Deb & Lopa
It was great event .Loved the spacious room with beautiful stage .Food was simply awesome .Cultural program was entaintaning as well. Thanks to the organising team for everything.

Deb & Lopa

Micky Mishra
A big round of applause to the organizers for their selfless, determined and tireless efforts to achieve such a smooth event. This is probably the most seamless event that I have ever seen. The spacing and order of events was extremely appropriate. It was also a good idea for the events and performers to be made transparent so that it was fair for all. It is indeed difficult to accommodate so many talented GOSians within a few hours.

All the performers did a fabulous job!

Thanks so much to the organizers again for making our event so special and memorable.

I will post the pictures today.

Micky Mishra

Shashi & Lipsa
A wonderful evening indeed. Kudos to organizers who have set up a new standard... a huge venue for the first time in the GOS history. Many thanks to the organizers for the great planning for the event and nicely executing the event. The food was simply delicious, decoration was great and the performances were superb. Thanks to all the volunteers, specially the ones who stayed late and helped cleaning the venue.

Thanks to all photography volunteers for capturing the event nicely. Please share all the links. GOS website(GEORGIAORIYAS.com) will maintain all the links.
***You can browse all the images' links for previous events starting 2016 @GEORGIAORIYAS.com


Shashi & Lipsa