GOS General Body Meeting
Date : February 29th 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Venue: Post Road Library Meeting Room (5010 Post Road, Cumming)

Agenda Description
GOS Vision/ Mission including Goals for 2020 WC will present content to initiate discussions with the intent to build a stronger cohesive community together by involving all age groups while establishing GOS as a brand in bigger Indian/ American forums. This will include proposing:
a) Refined set of events around the year (including Fee structure plus prepay with discount or not, allowing vendors/ stalls etc.)
b) Establish committees to drive initiatives (both formal and informal)
c) Assess ways for GOS to be involved in other broader Indian/ American activities in Georgia
d) What are the e-channels we'll use to stay connected: Purpose and improvement opportunities for each one (GOS website, GOS FB Page, whatsapp group - which ones, GOS email lists)

Idea is to socialize, brainstorm and come up with a prioritized list of activities to purse with your support. Continue to improve the Event Management Framework/ template 2020 WC has put together as we execute.
Georgia to be part of OSA Chapter or become a non-profit organization WC will introduce the topic and will share Pros/ Cons based on information they have gathered thus far and seek input to get to a decision Please access: http://www.odishasociety.org/about-us/ to learn more about OSA

Link to Meeting Minutes

               Please contact GOS Working Committee(GWC) for any question/comments/feedback.