GOS General Body Meeting
Date : April 09, 2016

Agenda Description Approved(Y/N) Action
New Social Google Group GWC proposes the setting up of a new Google group similar to the GOS google group to foster active exchange of information, ideas and thoughts within the Georgia Oriya Society membership. It has been tentatively christened gos-social AT googlegroups DOT com. The concept of this google group has been broached to engender discussion and dissemination of News, Jokes, Deals, Job Openings, charitable activities, personal achievements/milestones etc. that generate interest within the group, and will in all likelihood benefit our membership as well as foster closer ties and collaboration. We propose adding all current GOS members to this group with the explicit caveat that members can choose to opt out of the group at any time should they so desire. YES New "gos-social" googlegroup is created and existing GOS members are added to this group. Please contact GWC if your ID is not added or if you have difficulty using this group.
GOS Youth Club The GWC has embarked on inaugurating and showcasing a pilot called the "GOS Youth Club" with an intention of promoting increased participation of the children(Age 10+) of the GOS membership during the event. Minaketan Rout will introduce the overall concept, rationale and the stated objectives for this club. YES "GOS Youth Club" is set up by Minaketan and the club showcased GOS Quiz during Holi and Utkal Divas Event.
Note : Please contact Minaketan for any new concept that can help the club. If anyone has any other idea related to kids of different age group, please contact GWC.
New Events The GWC proposes 2 new events to be added to the GOS calendar effective 2016.

Track and Field Social : The idea of a Track and Field Social (tentatively scheduled in June) is being floated for your deliberation. The rationale behind this event is to take advantage of the lovely Georgia weather during said time of the year to get the kids and adults out onto a public park and hold sporting events, socialize in sylvan surrounding, savor some delish finger food and connect at a different level.

GOS New Year Eve Party : The GOS WC also proposes a GOS New Year Eve Party to be added to the GOS event calendar effective 2016. This is being proposed in response to myriad requests by many GOS members as well as due to to generate additional revenue to replenish and strengthen the health of the depleted GOS fund.
YES Conducted first ever Track & Field event on June 11 with great success.

NYE Party is subject to availability of suitable venue.
  Q: If there is financial loss in NYE Party, is GOS going to bear the cost.
A: We have GOS members who have adequate experience in successfully organizing NYE event and we don't anticipate any financial loss. In case there is financial gain, profit will be diverted to GOS fund. In case there is a loss, it will be adjusted in next year's NYE event. In case, still there is loss after 2nd year, 3 people(Manoj Das, Ashok Mishra and Shashibhushan Rath) has accepted to bear the loss. At that point of time, decision will be made whether to continue the event. In case, there is success, we anticipate the future GWC will carry forward the tradition that will bring extra revenue to the organization.

Q: Will there be any liability to GOS
A: There will not be any liability to GOS. We will be taking adequate insurance for this event.
Website Should we maintain our existing website?. YES A new domain "http://www.georgiaoriyas.com" is bought ($93 for 10 years) and someone has volunteered for free hosting of this domain. We will try to maintain this website and try to use this website as the centre point for all the information related to GOS. We will try to improve this website and come up with more features. Please visit this website and send your feedback to GWC.

               Please contact GOS Working Committee(GWC) for any question/comments/feedback.