Question : Is there any Membership fee (joining fee or annual fee) for GOS?
Answer : Absolutely not. There are fees for GOS events. You pay for the event only if you sign up for that particular event.

Question : How is the GOS Working Committee selected and how can I be part of GOS Working Committee?
Answer : In the beginning of each Year or towards the end of previous year, GOS General Body elects 5 members to be part of GOS Working Committee for that year. One member from the previous year preferably continues for the current year provided he/she is elected again. One cannot be member of GOS Working Committee for 3 consecutive years. Also if someone is in GOS Working committe for 2 years, none from that household qualify to be in the Working Committee in the 3rd year. Only one from household can be a member of working committee.

If you are interested to be part of GOS Working Committee, please contact existing GOS Working Committee or be present in General Body meeting specific for the selection of future Working Committee and suggest your name and your interest. If someone nominates you to be part of GOS Working Committee, you need to provide your consent before the election process.

Question : How can I know the dates about GOS General Body meetings?
Answer : They are published on GOS website. Also email communication goes to all members via geoorgiaoriyas at googlegroups dot com.

Question : How can I be part of GOS Organizing Committee for an event?
Answer : Please contact existing GOS Working Committee and they will gladly discuss with you and take the next step.

Question : Can I use GOS googlegroup to send promotion emails?
Answer : We encourage you to use gos-social at googlegroups Dot com to send any promotional emails or to discuss/share News, Jokes, Deals, Job Openings, charitable activities, personal achievements etc. that generate interest in the group, and may help someone and may bring motivation to others. GOS Working Committee reserves the right to block an email ID or any communication in case of excessive use for promotional activity, or to avoid any political or religion conflicts.

Question : How can I take part in a cultural activity in an event?
Answer : Please speak to the Organizing Committee for that event. Most of the time, there is a single point of contact for cultural activities and the Organizing committee can guide you in the right direction.

Question : How can I start a new activity like Chess championship or Table Tennis League?
Answer : We definitely encourage you do so. Please send general communication to GOS and/or to GOS Working Committee. There are many Sports enthusiasts in GOS and many good players who are waiting to grab this kind of opportunities.

Question : How can I start a charitable event among GOS?
Answer : Please use GOS common forums to spread your interest to conduct a charitable event. There will be many people in GOS who would like to help you on your mission.

Question : Is my contribution for GOS events, tax deductible?
Answer : No. GOS is not 501-C organization and it runs totally based on members' contribution for the events.

Question : Can I get sponsorship for GOS or GOS events?
Answer : Yes, with some limitations. GOS is not registered as a corporation/LLC and can no accept check in the name of GOS. Please discuss with GOS Working Committee for more details.

Question : My friend want to set up a booth for one of the GOS event. Is it possible?
Answer :Yes, please contact Organizing Committee for the specific event.

Question : If there is a surplus in an event, is the money refunded to the participants?
Answer : If there is a surplus, the surplus money goes to GOS common fund. Similarly, if there is a deficit, money comes from the common fund. It is responsibility of the Organizing Committee not to have deficit for the event. Please note that GOS needs common fund for procuring various items like PA system, projectors etc. and we need a surplus fund all the time to keep GOS going. As of now, there is no source of income for GOS other than GOS events and some occasional contributions from individuals.

Question : What is GOS Event Registration Cancellation policy?
Answer : As per GOS Event Registration Cancellation policy, if you have registered for an event, there is a cut-off date/time(decided by Event Organizers for the specific event) before which you can cancel your registration by informing Event Organizing Committee. If you fail to do so and unable to come for the event, you are supposed to pay the event fee as decided by the organizers of the particular event.

Even if the event is surplus, you are still supposed to pay as per GOS policy. This is because if you don't inform the organizing committe, they plan for event keeping you and your family in mind. If you inform before deadline, organizing committee plan accordingly that results in more surplus. GOS(our community) should not incur more loss or less surplus, just because of your inability to inform the organizers before deadline.

Please note that your name can be published on GOS website as defaulter in case you fail to pay even after contacted by the organizing committee.

               Please contact GOS Working Committee(GWC) for any question/comments/feedback.